nourishing you

Have you given much thought to the effect of foods in your health and your well-being? In Mallorca Holistic we have, and during your retreat, the food will be an intrinsic part of the process of rebalancing and cleansing that we have so carefully prepared for you. The nutrition you will enjoy during the time you spend with us will not only be delicious and suitable for all, but also based on detoxifying and cleansing, depending on each season, in order to support the process your body is going through during the retreat.

In Mallorca Holistic we do not believe in rights and wrongs when it comes to food and nutrition. We believe in nourishing the body and the soul in a much deeper way than just consuming what’s said in this or that other diet. Thus, we aim to guide you to get in touch with your body, your own needs and also with the Earth, who feeds us.

You get to experience a different way of nourishing your-self, which you will discover is simple and delicious, and you will learn about new foods and ways to feed your-self. Plus, you get a full Mallorca Holistic recipe booklet to continue at home the pleasure of conscious cooking and eating.

Our chefs are inspired mostly by Energetic Foods (Traditional Chinese Medicine), macrobiotics and plant based nutrition, but Mallorca Holistic does not prone for any specific diet or way of eating. We trust each individual, when involved in a process of self-care and healing, will discover in that path countless tools and ways to use nutrition as a companion. And even more: we trust these we’ll be in constant evolution during that path.

Following the holistic approach,  nutrition will be an essential part of the whole experience. When included in your program, during your individual sessions with her, Nuria will make sure to give you valuable nutrition  advice for your specific personal needs.

Some Food Energetics tips to promote healing and health:

1) Eat Seasonally:  Nature provides foods that correspond to the seasons and best support our bodies during particular times of the year.

2) Cook & Eat Mindfully: Edward Espe Brown explains it best: “Enjoying your food is very important, because to enjoy something is how we connect to the world, to one another, to our inner being. When you enjoy your food, you will be happy and well nourished by what you eat.

3) Movement is Health: movement equals health while stagnation equals disease. Exercise and proper breathing stimulates us, moving the stagnation and invigorating our bodies. We will give you plenty of tips during the week to support this important aspect of your personal care.