4 - 8 october 2019

"your body electric: a therapeutic retreat"

Isn’t it time to realign? And where better place to do that than Mallorca: land of sun and sea!

At Mallorca Holistic, we’ve got an intense, but loving program that will help you rediscover your body. Through a combination of bodywork therapy / massage, acupuncture, workshops, nutrition tools from Traditional Chinese Medicine and a simply delicious detox program. With a digital detox included, we will set you on a course of rejuvenation and reconnection.

From bloated bellies to burning back pain, and feelings of anxiety to chronic stiffness….your body is telling you something. And we can help you not only hear what it is saying, but get you and your body singing along in harmony.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and get reacquainted with yourself. And bring your body back into balance.

5 days of discover, 4 healing nights.


  • Upon arrival, we will provide you with a welcome pack containing a detailed personal schedule, together with a set of information and special gifts. We will gather with an Opening Circle to start the trip together and delight you with a Welcome Event after a comforting dinner.

  • Each person will follow their own personal process, including a minimum of 2 individual acupuncture sessions and 2 individual bodywork sessions with qualified and highly-experienced practitioners. What you choose to focus on is up to you: a long-term physical condition such as back pain, a step towards a personal fulfillment issue, or simply to reset for total restoration.

  • You will be spoiled by delicious and healthy food available all through the day to enjoy between the 3 meals.


  • We start the day with a detox drink followed by an invigorating group class (such as Tai Chi, yoga, Mindfulness…) with our guest teacher.

  • After waking up the body and the soul, we will enjoy a colorful and tasteful super healthy Breakfast.

  • In the afternoon you will have your private treatments and enough free time to go to the beach (remember to rent a car if this is your number one choice on your free time!), hike in the beautiful surrounding nature, or simply chill beside the swimming-pool with your favorite book.

  • In the evenings, after an early dinner, there will be diverse activities such as relaxation, meditation, live music surprises, or time to have a quiet cup of tea.


Your individual bodywork/ massage therapy sessions and your acupuncture treatments (including personal nutrition advice) during the stay are the very core of this Retreat, as a personal process of reconnecting to your essence for better health and well-being.

Learn everything about the individual sessions HERE and if you have more questions, please ASK US, we will be delighted to tell you more about our work and how we can help you reconnect and rebalance.


No one comes to a Mallorca Holistic retreat to be alone! And while the individual sessions with your bodywork practitioner and your acupuncturist form the heart of the Retreat, the group activities form pretty much the rest of the body!

On your  Retreat “Your Body Electric” there will be daily group classes by a guest teacher and some evening deep relaxation to release your body and fill your soul with joy.

The Location

Son Artigues is a finca located in Porreres, southeast of Majorca, at 15 km from the beach. Its excellent location makes it the perfect place to rest and get one’s strength back. Learn more about the house and the location HERE

The team

In this Retreat, you will be guided by MALLORCA HOLISTIC'S REGULAR TEAM and a guest teacher. Nuria for acupuncture sessions, Tahona for holistic bodywork and massage therapy. Cecilia and her magic kitchen, our day chef and Ricard, in the evenings for dinner and music

Learn more about all the Team HERE.


From Friday 4 to Tuesday 8 October 2019


Arrival to the house (how to get to Son Artigues) on the first day needs to be between 16:00 and 17:00 so you don’t miss anything of the program we have carefully developed for you.

If you are driving or wondering what is the best way to get to the house, just type “Finca Son Artigues” on your Google maps and it will take you there (do not mix up with “Bodega Son Artigues”).


Departure is after breakfast on the last day by 11:00 am.


950€ - Double occupancy.

1150€ - Double occupancy PLUS.

1350€ - Single occupancy.

1550€- Single occupancy PLUS.

Please, note that:


  • A welcome pack with special gifts.

  • Full catering (1 detox drink, 3 meals, food and drinks available all day).

  • Minimum 2 individual holistic bodywork/ massage therapy sessions.

  • Minimum 2 individual acupuncture sessions.

  • Personalized nutrition advise (based on Traditional Chinese Medicine - Energetic Foods).

  • Daily morning group class (such as yoga, tai chi, mindfulness, relaxation, meditation…).

  • Evening classes / workshops / relaxations / meditations / live music.

  • 1 Welcome Event + 1 Closure Event (often with life music).

  • 4 nights accommodation.

  • 1 Opening Circle + 1 Closure Circle.

  • Bath and pool towels, organic body wash.

  • All equipment for workshops (yoga mats, blankets, chairs, etc).

  • Tourism tax.

  • 21% VAT.


  • Your plane ticket.

  • Transport (we can happily arrange a taxi for you or a mini-bus for groups from / to airport on demand) - renting a car though, allows you to go to the beach on your free time.

  • Any personal expenses.

  • Your personal health and accident insurance valid in Spain (compulsory).